Dog Training

by Michelle

Expert in everything from behavior
modification to positive obedience training!


About Me ---------

In 1993, before I ever thought of becoming a dog trainer, I adopted an 8 month old golden retriever named Zoey. Zoey was the dog from hell -- she ate couches, sheetrock, jumped on people, etc. I knew I needed help, so I contacted a dog trainer to come to my home. Not only did he train Zoey, he trained me too. I was so excited and amazed that I could train Zoey, I quit my job as a paralegal and apprenticed with this trainer. I've been training people and their dogs ever since.

How am I different from most dog trainers?

I believe all dogs are individual. Therefore, you can't train every dog the same. I believe that the dog needs to learn in a positive and quiet environment initially. Once the dog learns the behavior, I can bring in distractions. That is why I specialize in private appointments only, as opposed to group classes.

The best relationship with your dog is a trained one!

What I do best

I specialize in everything from behavior modification to positive obedience training. A well trained dog makes an even

greater companion.

Michelle McAdam
Professional Dog Trainer

New Haven County, CT